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The Maritime Park is a national heritage site that highlights:

  • African American maritime history
  • The saga of Frederick Douglass’s life in Baltimore as an enslaved child and young man
  • The life of Isaac Myers, a free born African American who became a national leader
  • The founding of the Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company
  • The establishment of the African American Community in Baltimore during the 1800’s
  • Shipbuilding traditions of the Chesapeake bay

Almost 5, 000 square feet of gallery space, divided into permanent and temporary galleries and interactive learning centers where an engaging visitor experience is created through:

  • Historic maps and images
  • Artistic Renderings
  • Audio Components
  • Historic artifacts
  • Archaeological findings

Did you know... The Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park is where history actually happened?

  • Frederick Douglass lived and worked on the Baltimore docks
  • He purchased his first book a block away

Did you know... The First African American owned and operated shipyard was only a few yards from this historic warehouse door?

About Frederick Douglass

February  1818  Born Frederick Bailey near Easton, Maryland
  1826 Travels to Baltimore, Maryland to work for Hugh Auld
September 1838 Escapes to New York; changes name to Frederick Douglass
  1864 Meets with Lincoln to formulate plans to lead blacks out of the South in case of a Union defeat
February 1866 Meets with President Andrew Johnson to discuss black suffrage.
May 1870 The Fifteenth Amendment is adopted and blacks are granted the right to vote; becomes editor of the New National Era

 About Isaac Myers

1855 Hired to supervise one of the largest shipyards in Baltimore’s harbor
1860 Begins work as a shipping clerk and chief porter for a wholesale grocery firm
1865 Returns to the shipyards and experiences a strike protesting black labor in the maritime industry and helps form a union of “colored mechanics”
1866 Myers and 15 other well-known Afro-American men convene at the Sharp Street UM auxiliary hall; they work together to form the Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company [CRDDC]
1869 Myers is one of nine black delegates to attend the National Labor Movement Convention

Creates the Colored National Labor Union and is elected as the first president

1870 Becomes the second Afro-American in Maryland’s history to receive federal appointment as a messenger to the customs service in Baltimore



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